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Deus Ex Machina - Canggu Bali

While on my honeymoon, I took a spiritual trip to my personal mecca, Deus Ex Machina, in Canggu, Bali.  The Temple of Enthusiasm is a place where Artisans of all types can convene to enjoy some amazing works of modern art.  Weather its a Custom built Motorcycle, Surfboard, or a Coffee, each piece is a one of a kind.

Built in the local style, the building has beautiful wood beams, lush gardens, and is surrounded by rice fields.  There are several buildings that surround a central courtyard that has a small stage for musicians to perform.  Temporary housing is also provided for visiting artists, as well as a full kitchen and cafe.  The Temple of Enthusiasm sets the standard for business model, combining a communal feel while fostering creativity.

Being a surfboard builder, I loved seeing all the unique boards.  There wasn’t a squashtail thruster to be found on the racks!!  Each shape was totally new and unique, but also blended classic lines and countours.  It was truly inspiring. 

Check out the pictures attached, as well as the website. 

Hopefully you will be filled with Enthusiasm!


23rd Aug 2012 | 1 note